Saving Our Customers Money 

We Refund Unused Rent

All Secure Self Storage understands that you do not know how long you will store and we believe you should only pay for the time you use.

That is why All Secure Self Storage refunds all your unused rent when you move-out. No strings attached, no conditions, no vacate notice period imposed.  We only require a verbal or written notice of 7 days to move out.

All Secure Self Storage provides this “unconditional benefit” of storing with us.


Payment by credit card – No surcharge

To assist you in your payments we at All Secure Self Storage accept Visa and MasterCard,
In addition we do not impose a surcharge for payments made by credit cards.

Unfortunately we do not accept payments by Dinners or American Express.


Guarantee no Late fee with Auto Pay Plan.

In addition, we also offer our auto-pay service so you wont forget to make your payment. This feature will automatically charge your credit card so you never have to remember to pay and also save time.

This also applies to those customers who set up an Automatic or Electronic Payment direct from their banks.

These processes guarantee that a Late Payment Fee will never be incurred.


No hidden fees

Many of our competitors apply a range of fees when you move in or out of the facility.

For example:

‘Cleaning Fee’ charged on moving out to cover the Bond, or deposit that the customer paid on moving in.

Administration Fee’ on moving into the facility to cover their time.*

Bond’  on moving into the facility to cover a unit left unclean.

‘Deposit’ on moving into the facility to cover a unit left unclean*

When using All Secure Self Storage we believe that when you move-in or move-out, you the customer should not pay additional fees to do business with us.

You pay for the service used nothing more.

*Deposit and admin fee applies to Taupo